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Discrete Real Estate Search - the details are especially important.

There are many reasons why you want to do a discreet search for exclusive properties.

  • Neighbors, colleagues or friends should not hear about the planned change
  • Neighbors, colleagues or friends should not get any insight into your financial possibilities
  • They want to change without envy in the living environment getting knowledge of the project
  • You are successful and would like to enjoy it now

In any case, we will in all cases maintain confidentiality of your intentions even beyond the end of the contract / contractual relationship.

Discrete marketing:

There are many reasons why exclusive properties should be sold in a discrete manner.

  • Often neighbors or friends should not hear about the sale
  • Or the public should not know about it (for example, if a senior executive prepares for a career change).
  • In many cases, the owners simply want to protect their privacy and therefore not publish pictures of their home.
  • We respect these wishes and are experienced in dealing with this topic.

We know what information and measures are needed to alert prospective buyers to this real estate offer.

A discrete mediation of a yield object is less complicated to implement than a discreet placement of residential real estate.

Investors assess their investment exposure primarily according to objective criteria.

That is why we specifically talk to known search and existing customers who are constantly expanding their real estate portfolio.

We are also experienced with the discrete mediation of exclusive real estate for private use.


  • historical real estate
  • Family houses
  • villas
  • Apartments
  • riding stables
  • estates
  • mansions
  • Castles

All of these properties belong to the properties to be searched for and / or brokered by us.

Clients who have entrusted us with the discrete brokerage of their exclusive property appreciate our relinquishment of external service providers for marketing and sales activities.

We handle these highly sensitive topics exclusively with in-house specialists.

So your interests are particularly protected, since only potential buyers know of their intention to sell.

Surely you have already noticed that we take the utmost care in the presentation of our real estate offers that the privacy of the previous residents is respected.

We do not publish photos of bedrooms, valuable works of art and private photos.

In many cases, we do not even publish outdoor shots of our real estate offers - unless it is explicitly requested by the client.