Scope of services / fees


The support provided by these qualified mandates is very labor-intensive and time-consuming.

It causes corresponding operational costs, especially in the case of in-depth market research and in the case of multiple preselections of objects through various preliminary visits.

Please understand that we can offer this work in your interest only for a corresponding consulting fee on the following terms:

Conditions Basic mandate:

Term of the mandate for the presentation of suitable real estate optionally:

1 month

3 months,

6 months or

Premium Mandate:

3 months.

6 months or

unlimited in time until successful real estate brokerage

Exclusive Mandate

unlimited in time until the final conclusion of all agreed activities

  • Flat fee and expense reimbursement after the expiration of the mandate without your purchase decision: 3,500 euros plus VAT
  • Basic fee for successful property procurement: 3.85% of the purchase price plus applicable VAT - due and payable upon signature of the notarised deed of purchase.
  • Flat rate of expense and expenses after purchase and further support of structural changes / interior and exterior design 5.500 Euro plus VAT

Professionalism leads to success when expertise and expertise combine with passion - when work becomes a real vocation.