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The royal city of Potsdam is on the list of many buyers.

Sometimes looking into a book is enough to make the quality of a city clearer. Especially interesting things are judged in guidebooks with one or two stars.

As a result, Berlin will come up with 49 such star attractions, Munich at 41 and Dresden at 26. Potsdam would now be ranked behind it - with currently 21 stars. And the new museum Barberini is likely to mean the 22nd star. The difference is that the top three cities are roughly three to 20 times larger. At least as far as the number of inhabitants is concerned.

Potsdam is sustainable - not only in terms of residential culture.

Although Potsdam is the state capital of Brandenburg, it currently has just over 170,000 just as many inhabitants as Berlin-Neukölln. Fortunately, the population of around 188 square kilometers has significantly more space available. Thus, it is not the population but the density of attractiveness that makes the city a real top address. Surrounded by countless water areas and equipped with innumerable beautiful old buildings, the former royal residence of the Prussian kings offers an incredibly high quality of life. And just a stone's throw away from Berlin.

The cultural assets of the city are only a pound, with which one can proliferate. Various research institutes and above all three universities as well as the film studios Babelsberg provide for business and future perspectives for clearly positive omens. Kenner has known for decades that the real estate market on the Havel is at its finest.

We find an empty old market in Potsdam.

So you can enjoy refurbished old buildings and a look that - at least around the city center - is unparalleled nationwide. On the other hand, the market for old buildings is swept empty in almost all locations. It goes without saying that this has an impact on prices. In the past, anyone who wanted to buy here in front of the southwestern gates of Berlin was only interested in old buildings. That has changed. Especially in the housing market, points such as barrier-free access, low consumption costs or even more flexible floor plans are becoming more and more common.

Even more tense is the market of single-family homes. Again, existing properties are in short supply, but even more difficult is the search for affordable land. The result is that even in Potsdam, the search customers increasingly move to the periphery. Land and properties in Caputh, Wilhelmshorst or even Werder are in constant demand. Here is the entry to the real estate often much cheaper and the development potential is very high. In the surrounding area, there are also the coveted water layers that are either missing or priceless in the inner city.