preferred residential areas


Overview of the most preferred residential areas of the provincial capitals


In Baden-Württemberg live about 10.6 million people and thus more inhabitants than in many other European countries. Baden-Württemberg is the third largest federal state. State capital is Stuttgart. The federal state is one of the leading economic regions in Germany and Europe with world-famous large companies and many successful medium-sized companies. The economic power of Baden-Wuerttemberg, measured by GDP, is surpassed only by Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the European Union. In 2010, it was 31% above the average for all EU countries. Baden-Württemberg is characterized by varied landscapes and is characterized by a high quality of life and high standards of real estate. In the past five years, condominiums have risen the highest in Freiburg im Breisgau, with 6.9 per cent per year, followed by Baden-Baden with 5.4 per cent, and Lake Constance with 4.1 per cent. Condominiums are the most expensive in Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Heidelberg and Constance. In these districts more than 25 times the annual rent for the purchase of an apartment must be paid. In Stuttgart, Mannheim, and Karlsruhe around 22 times the annual rent for real estate acquisition must be applied In addition, the price limit of 10,000 euros per square meter was first cracked in 2012 in the history of the Swabian metropolis Stuttgart. The most exclusive location in Stuttgart is the one with a view of the city.


Lakes, alpine landscape and a "cosmopolitan city with a heart" - Bavaria has something of everything. No wonder that the Free State occupies a leading position nationwide in terms of economy and real estate. Bavaria is located in the southeast of Germany. It is the largest country in Germany and ranks second only to the population behind North Rhine-Westphalia. The state capital of Bavaria is Munich in Upper Bavaria. The three largest cities are Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg. Whether purchasing power, population growth or real estate prices, in almost all areas the Free State is at the forefront. The Munich paid in 2012 as the leader of 9.74 euros per square meter, up to 59 percent more than the national average.

In addition to Munich lie with

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen,
  • Unterschleissheim,
  • Dachau,
  • Germering,
  • Freising and
  • Fuerstenfeldbruck

a total of seven Bavarian cities in the top 10 in the price of condominiums in cities over 25,000 inhabitants, even ahead of Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. And with regard to purchasing power, the Starnberg district can be found right at the front. As a result, there are also many exclusive properties here. Nationwide, the Free State will remain on the real estate market in terms of demand and prices continue to set the tone, and of course, the state capital here in the lead. Those interested in exclusive luxury real estate will surely find it here.


Frankfurt am Main, the dynamic and international financial and trade fair city with the most imposing skyline in Germany. The famous skyline is today a symbol of the dynamics of the city. Frankfurt has been the seat of the European Central Bank since 1998. This picture connects many visitors with the Main metropolis, which is also called "Mainhattan". Not far from the skyscrapers you will find cozy Ebbelwoi (cider) pubs and in the middle of the bustling city center historical sights. Urban mixes with village. Frankfurt is not only proud of the city's most famous son, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Here are also the Imperial Cathedral and St. Paul's Church, the cradle of German democracy. The connection through Germany's largest airport is another advantage. The new construction of the European Central Bank, the redesign of the European Quarter and the planning drafts for the future architecture of the old town are some examples of the forward-looking activities. Compared to the city comparison, Frankfurt is ranked second behind Munich in terms of sales growth in the segment of luxury one- or two-family houses by 45 percent. As in Munich and Berlin, exclusive inner city apartments are in high demand here.

The preferred locations in Frankfurt / Main are not surprisingly the areas with the already highest rents: Northrend and Westend. Also trendy is the Westhafen, which impresses with its waterfront location and exclusive properties.