Term exclusive property: mansion, townhouse, villa


What does the term "exclusive property" mean for historic buildings, villas, etc.?

When it comes to your own home, the claim can not be high enough.

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Historic buildings

Historic buildings such as castles, fortresses and manor houses often have a special tourist status in the respective region. In particular, larger properties with several parts of the building are suitable for living as well as for commercial use, such as a hotel or exclusive venue for festivities. Of course, a castle or manor can serve as a representative headquarters.

Nature lovers and riders, on the other hand, find a rural idyll to relax in a forester's lodge or former farm.

Traditionalists feel comfortable in a half-timbered house. If you prefer classical architectural styles and have a larger budget, you can enjoy the historic atmosphere in an old manor house. An alternative for convinced city dwellers: a historic city palace with a century-old past. Real estate is as different as the personality of its inhabitants. As different as the inhabitants will be, so different is the search for such real estate. Here we see our task.

Just as the objects already clearly differ externally from the classic single-family dwelling and the flat, so also the structural details inside can be extraordinary.

The romantic wooden house on the lake usually has no luxurious facilities, but conveys in its simplicity a relaxed living. The location in unspoilt nature makes the gorgeous charm of this property. In a mansion or palazzo exquisite interior design and representative architecture go hand in hand.

Lovers of the special find in Germany interesting offers. Historic castles adorn the mountain slopes in the Rheingau and North Rhine-Westphalia, usually with a fantastic view over the river and valley. Imposing manor houses and moated castles can be found in greater numbers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Potential lords can also realize their dream home in Bavaria very well.

The more exclusive the domicile you are looking for, the more worthwhile your foray into the neighboring countries. Beyond the German border, unique, special properties await buyers with a sense for the unusual. The international orientation makes sense especially for the market with stately residences: the offer ranges from Austrian hunting castles to the historic Finca on Mallorca and the French Wasserburg to the former monastery in Switzerland.

In practice, interested parties should check whether the living standard meets their personal requirements. In particular, size, layout and comfort should be designed so that the residents feel comfortable. In any case, good heating is essential. If outbuildings are available, it should be clarified whether they meet their own needs for use or can be converted accordingly.

explanation of Terms

What does the term "exclusive property" mean in historical buildings, townhouses, mills, villas, etc.?

Our claims and opinions are very different. For this reason, there is no generalized "standard" to "exclusivity". What makes a property "exclusive"?

First and foremost, the interaction of the design elements, the wealth of detail, the individuality of the property, the external surfaces and the current condition play a role for us.

Of course, apart from the authenticity, we also look at the history and rate the property found primarily according to its value for the owner.

For particularly high-quality properties, factors such as charm play a decisive role for a prospective buyer.

We - within our team - can only judge from our point of view whether a property is really "exclusive" and have therefore defined our requirements.

  • Historic real estate in good or very good condition (castle, castle, city palace, mansion)
  • very good, quiet location without any noise
  • Region with high social prestige
  • fenced, spacious grounds
  • excellent equipment - high quality materials
  • active alarm system with alarm connection to a security service
  • Property visible, but not or only partially visible
  • Plot size from 850m²
  • active outdoor lighting with control
  • pure living space from 250m²
  • generous entrance area (hall, foyer)
  • at least 7 rooms
  • Furnished with high quality materials such as granite, marble, fine woods
  • special style elements
  • renovated and modernized
  • innovative control
  • at least three bathrooms with tub / shower
  • sauna
  • whirlpool
  • at least a double garage
  • Outdoor Pool
  • tree population
  • driveway

listed property: Up to 12% return on equity can be achieved with listed real estate.

Historically listed real estate very often have a very high potential for appreciation and benefit from enormous tax benefits § 7i / h EkStG.
With landmarked properties, you can buy a piece of history and at the same time save taxes.
Historic property is very well suited to save taxes & build wealth! Due to their tax advantages (conversion of taxpayers' private assets) listed property is particularly interesting for investors. Every property is an exception for itself. Refurbished and luxuriously furnished, it is an exclusive "new building" with historic charm.

The increase in value is incomparably high - these pieces of jewelery are very rare and are accordingly in high demand.


Already stately and imposing on the outside, luxury villas point out the prosperity and status of their inhabitants. Who wants to buy such a property, they do not want to share with other residents. In addition, luxury villas usually have a large garden. The typical luxury villa is usually much larger than the classic family house. 250 square meters of living space and more often have to be, in order to have space for representative space in addition to the generous living space.

Mansions and mansions, castles and palaces:

Old, generously cut walls convey a historical flair and usually have plenty of room, which allows a diverse and generous use. A renovation of such buildings is usually sinfully expensive, since in most cases the monument protection must be observed. However, fully refurbished properties of this kind are often characterized by pure luxury. Thus, they become a sought-after gem whose value is not based on the otherwise prevailing market prices.

For whom are exclusive properties suitable? Properties like luxury houses or luxury apartments are expensive investments. Interested parties should have sufficient capital to sustain both their acquisition and comfort.

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